What if your weirdness was the key to changing everything?

Many of us learn at a young age that it’s not okay to “color outside the lines” or be different. CJ makes the case for harnessing your weirdness, embracing chaos, and shows us that doing so can lead to magical things. You’ll hear some vivid stories, be challenged to consider why Santa Claus isn’t actually a very nice guy, and learn why your work’s value is independent of whether other people think it’s any good.

About the speaker

CJ Casciotta is an author, speaker, media producer and an advocate for weird thinking! CJ’s newest book Get Weird asks you this: What if your weirdness was the key to changing everything?

For over 15 years, CJ has helped some of the world’s biggest brands discover their unique identity and share it creatively. These brands include The United Nations (yep that one), MGM Studios, & Whole Foods, and this work has been featured in places like CBS, MTV, Amazon Prime, and The Huffington Post. And now CMNSH? Guess so!

Lately, he has been sharing some of his ideas, speaking at places like TEDx, Saddleback Church, Story Conference, and Charity:Water. Come get weird and watch this pro-fesh-ional dude realize his mistake in agreeing to come to CMNSH during Chaos month!

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