Close your eyes and hear a new world of sound.

About the speaker

We are very proud to present Christine Runøe from “Københavns Radiobiograf” as our speaker for the event in June.

Christine Runøe and the rest of the team behind Radiobiografen has since 2013 presented many interesting sound experiences. These experiences range from local Danish podcast heroes Third Ear to international radio- and podcast stars such as Ira Glass (The American Life) and Kaitlin Prest (The Heart). Besides monthly events in the cinema, Radiobiografen also arranges a yearly festival with an abundance of international guests. The festival is centred around events for listening, small workshops and great parties.

Join us on the 23rd of June for an event with a special focus on listening. We look forward to seeing (and hearing) you!


Our venue this month will be at Dupong on Griffenfeldsgade in Nørrebro! Dupong was founded in 2012 by four young students on the basis of a desire to make Copenhagen’s nightlife more social. The idea comes from “Dr. Pong "in Berlin where the Germans for more than a decade played around-the-world ping pong. Visit Dupong and experience the special atmosphere of sweat, love and cold beer. Play with the heart and drink with your mouth!

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Please note the typo in the show's name: This American Life.

Tarek S. Sharabati