Carrie Seid, as part of the TENWEST Festival

October 15, 8:30am - 10:00am MST. Hosted at Tucson Convention Center

part of a series on Flow

About the speaker

The creative professional is in constant danger of talking themselves into stagnation. As a matter of course, we erect mental barriers that both protect and limit us. Carrie Seid, a nationally recognized fine artist, has not only been there personally but has helped guide hundreds of creative professionals out of their rut and maximize their creative potential as both a teacher and a coach. During her talk Carrie, will share the lessons learned, stories, and insights to help you to dissemble and disrupt unhelpful approaches to the creative process and discover your flow as a creative professional to improve your productivity, success, and satisfaction.

Additional details

A special edition of CreativeMornings as part of the TENWEST Impact Festival. This event, as always, is FREE and open to everyone. However, if you’d like to enjoy the rest of TENWEST you will need to secure a passport at: