Carolyn Kopprasch, Chief Happiness Officer of Buffer, shares how transparency in a business and in life translates into empathy.

Buffer, one of the leading social media management tools, is a completely transparent company. Salaries, pricing, emails and more are all made available for everyone in the company. Four years ago, Carolyn Kopprasch was hired at Buffer as employee number four! She shares in her CreativeMornings talk insight into how transparency has shaped the startup and her personal life.

About the speaker

Carolyn is a New Yorker by origin, a former full-time traveler, and a current Nashvillian. She has a passion for the human side of business. She currently looks after the customer experience at Buffer, serving as Chief Happiness Officer there for the past 4 years. Carolyn believes that transparency and openness, when combined with kindness and empathy, can create magic in the lives of individuals and businesses. Ask her about: radical transparency, customer service, and digital nomading. Invite her for: tea, tennis, or travel.

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