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Michael’s Genuine and Panther Coffee are globally recognized, local gourmet havens for foodlovers and tastemakers. The farmers and process of bringing fair food and drink to customers is usually ‘Hidden’ from view in the final product; not with these two creative companies!

This month come and listen to Camila Ramos speak about the behind the scenes stars who farm and produce the ingredients that are the foundation of these creative culinary brands we have come to love!

Camila Ramos is a barista, retail manager and senior coffee educator at Panther Coffee. She loves exploring the sequence of coffee from origin to cup and its effects on coffee flavor. Ms. Ramos is the current South East Regional Barista Champion; she will go on to compete in the US Barista Championship in April.

Follow her on Twitter http://ardent.bz/, @panthercoffee and @milamos.

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