When we create ideas or tell stories, we transcend time.

About the speaker

Most people operate under the impression that time is a constant, but when it comes to creativity, the founders of Brushfire Creative Partners have a different perspective of how time works. They say time and it’s relationship to creativity is not only non-linear, but recursive and that technology acts as an accelerant which can significantly affect how we understand and appreciate creative works. Join Ifanyi and Margaret as they paint a theoretical picture of the future, using colors and ideas from the recent past.

Ifanyi Bell is an award winning filmmaker, journalist and aspiring author from Portland,OR. In addition to being the co-founder of Brushfire Creative Partners, he currently serves as a consultant and producer for several media organizations in New York and Philadelphia and will be working on a new media project exploring art and modern history in Portland beginning in January of 2016.

Margaret Jacobsen is a photographer, writer, activist, and co-founder of Brushfire Creative Partners. Her focus is on using art, and writing to bring focus and conversation on topics like race, feminism, and parenting.

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