Britta B.

June 24, 8:30am - 10:00am EDT. Hosted at Shopify Toronto

part of a series on Broken

About the speaker

A proud and recognizable resident of Toronto’s Regent Park, Britta B. is an artist, spoken word poet, public speaker, special events host, mentor and arts educator. Britta features as a lead cast member in the musical, The Journey, based on the revitalization of Regent Park. She provides ongoing mentorship for “at-promise” youth, facilitates spoken word and leadership programming, and oversees a self- care project with UNITY Charity for youth residing on the Fort Chipewyan reserve. Her spoken word performances have featured in over a dozen cities across North America including New York City, Vancouver, Detroit, Montreal, and New Orleans.

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June’s theme, BROKEN, was chosen by our Washington, DC chapter and illustrated by Donald Ely.

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