Shit gets weird when you embrace your inner weirdo.

We broke the rules for this months CM talk and recruited Melbournite Rachel Service to take the stage, who was in town visiting Brisbane. #noregrets

Rachel specializes in the art of embracing her inner weirdo. She does it so well that she’s turned it into her adult job – advising peers, colleagues, clients and audiences on embracing their inner weirdo’s, too.

In her talk, Rachel takes a refreshingly frank approach on “Branding You” - Rachel’s interpretation of personal branding. Rachel believes that anyone and everyone is an expert at what they do. The key to unlocking this inner expert lies in expressing the wonderfully weird inner skillset unique to each person; and amplifying it without saying sorry for doing so.

After all, what makes you memorable? Rachel reckons its as simple as being your true weird self.

About the speaker

As the Happiness Concierge, Rachel Service helps people ace work and life, whether that’s at work, in relationships or at the gym. Having suffered burnout, anxiety and depression many times in her 20’s, and with 13 years experience both freelancing and working in agencies and with major brands in NZ, London and now Australia, she is now a mental health in the workplace advocate.

In 2015, and after bursting into tears at a Beyonce concert in NYC, Rachel started the Happiness Concierge to the share tactics she had developed during years of managing anxiety, depression and burnout at work. What started as a small blog on Medium has now grown into a business giving talks and workshops all across Australia and New Zealand.

Based in Melbourne, Rach is also an Advisory Board Member at Freelance Australia, a Mentor at the SheSays network, a speaker at General Assembly and is regularly featured in media tackling issues on burnout, mental health and how to be more efficient at work in outlets such as Pedestrian, Desktop Magazine, B&T Magazine and ArtsHub.

With a no bullshit, action oriented style, Rachel is the person to talk to if you’re feeling flat and need a dose of creative inspiration!

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Thanks so much for welcoming me to Brissy, Jacinta and amazing crew!!

Rachel Service