Bjarke Pedersen

April 27, 8:00am - 9:00am CEST. Hosted at Celemi

part of a series on Game

About the speaker

Bjarke creates larps, or lajv as it is called in Swedish. He will take you on a journey of exploring the self through lived experiences as someone else. How games like larp can show you the world from a different angle and you can learn something about yourself and the world. And he will give you design tools to look at your own life or workplace and hopefully change them for the better.

Bjarke Pedersen is the creative director of Participation | Design | Agency. His primary work is designing participatory events and experiences with a focus on strong stories. In the last twenty years he has worked on projects ranging from transmedia storytelling for television to real-world participatory games with more than 10.000 people playing at the same time.

He is a world-leading expert in the design of bespoke larps for grownups. These immersive experiences include Inside Hamlet at the castle Elsinore in Denmark, and End of the Line, produced in Helsinki, New Orleans and Berlin.

Bjarke teaches and lectures on participatory design and culture at universities, conferences and art festivals across Europe and USA. He is a co-founder of the Alibis for Interaction masterclass.