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Himanshu Rohilla

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November 29, 8:00am • Minc • part of a series on Lost

CreativeMornings Malmö needs you!

We are a team of volunteers that collectively help make CreativeMornings happen each month, and we’ve been fortunate to have had a lot of support these past 5 years. Every year people move on and we are therefore looking for some fresh faces to bolster our ranks. Involvement can be on different levels but we are looking for individuals to help us in a few key areas. Below is a rundown of the different responsibilities we cover as a team if you are keen to join the team you can click the link at the bottom to register your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.

Volunteer Coordinator - responsible for recruiting and managing our team of volunteers.
Venue Coordinator - responsible for finding, booking and liaising with venues
Speaker Coordinator - responsible for finding, booking and liaising with speakers
Sponsor Coordinator - responsible for finding, booking and liaising with sponsors
Event Host - the event presenter
Event Coordinator - responsible for managing all the event day logistics
Media Coordinator - responsible for managing the photography and video capturing and production
Social Media Manager - responsible for managing our social media channels
Content Manager - responsible for content marketing
Designer - responsible for designing any digital or physical assets
Organizer - the leader of the local chapter, overseeing the whole team
Photographer - someone who captures photos of the event
Videographer - someone who records the event talk and films b-roll for video production

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