“Though sometimes certain things doesn’t seem like such a big deal when it happens, it makes sense when you join the dots [in the future]” - Jayden Tan

For this month’s theme of #cmBiophilia we explore the the topic of nature and the importance of connecting the dots in creativity with our speaker Jayden Tan, as he shares his work at HeadQuators

About the speaker

Jayden is a multi-disciplinary creative hybrid with a love affair with photography. He is best known for creating quirky locally-inspired visuals that went on to become overnight sensations. His relentless pursuit of experimenting creatively on his passion projects has led him to turn photography into a side hustle, and eventually a business of his own. Throughout his career, he goes back and forth between being an art director and a photographer, and eventually founded his creative production house, HeadQuartors, in 2019.

HeadQuartors’ studio office has since become a playground where he expresses his love for nature, and it is also where he got serious into being a plant parent. He spends his free time inbetween the daily hustle to tend to his plant babies, and often finds solace appreciating the little man-made jungle.

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