What if we’ve set our expectations in the wrong place?

Bill shares two case studies and practical strategies for taking your idea from start-up to reaching your dream customer base.

About the speaker

All it took was a t-shirt order that went terribly wrong.

On that day in 2003, Bill Svoboda was determined to create a t-shirt printing business that worked for the customer, making ordering extremely easy and cost-effective. Bill got to work from his dorm room and founded Coed Monkey. Over the past eleven years, Coed Monkey has thrived with customers ranging from colleges to Silicon Valley Startups.

Bill always has a new idea and spends much of his time connecting with other entrepreneurs. In recent years, Bill co-founded several other businesses including ResultsTimeline.com and Startup Twin Cities.

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90% of startups fail in the first two years often because they created something with all their resources and then go to marketing and go, "Ok, now market this." Then they find out nobody wanted the junk we created. — Bill Svoboda

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