Think about the activities or moments where you loose track of time – those are the things you want to do and devote your energy to.

Ben shares with us how he needed to get lost to pay attention to the world that surrounds him. He encourages us to think about the activities or moments where we loose track of time, those are the things to devote time and energy to. Ben founder of the Daily Overview, has collected more than 900 images sorted by location and nine (9) different themes, that showcases not only a stunningly beautiful photography but also powerful stories of how the world and humanity has being impacted through out the years.

About the speaker

Benjamin Grant is the founder of Overview and the author of two books of the same name (“Overview” and “Overview - Young Explorer’s Edition”). By creating mesmerizing satellites images of the places where humans are impacting the planet, the project aims to inspire a fresh perspective of the planet and foster a greater understanding of how our civilization operates. With more than 750,000 followers on Instagram, Overview’s daily posts (@dailyoverview) have both delighted and challenged a global audience since it launched in 2013. Benjamin graduated from Yale University, where he studied history and art history and rowed on the heavyweight crew team. He lives and rides his bike in San Francisco.

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