Do you want to patent your jokes? Bart is your man!

About the speaker

Bart Eysink Smeets is an independent artist and art director at ad agency KesselsKramer. He got his Bachelor degree at Design Academy Eindhoven and for a few years now, he keeps masterfully producing weird, yet light, funny, thought provoking art. In the remainder of his time, Bart is also a writer and creative adviser at the Volkshotel, in Amsterdam. His ideas are just odd enough to make you turn your head, to disrupt the environment around you and make you laugh or wonder. His work draws you in and makes you look closer. His head is full of kooky ideas, from an entire house completely drenched in an electric blue colour, photos of birds standing on top of each other, tosti shaped books, to paintings that match your couch perfectly, joke patenting and why not, a solar powered tanning bed.

Last year, he made a book to document his pretend-journey to India. Following the very famous “Eat.Pray.Love” trend seems to have become the norm for young people nowadays, to the point where it’s almost socially expected to do it. So Bart proceeded on his own initiation journey, with his tourist uniform and photogenic smile on. He posed for the camera from the comfort of his homeland, only to photoshop himself later in pictures of friends travelling to faraway lands. Still faithful to the beauty of the Netherlands, Bart found it too weird to go find himself in exotic places, so he just created an imaginary trip to “find himself”…in people’s photos.
His friendly weirdness makes him the perfect person to add a twist to objects and views anyone can see in their daily life. So take a seat to view life through Bart’s lenses and be a bit twisted for once.

(photo by Jostijn Ligtvoet)

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