Our speakers at CreativeMornings/Portland were storytellers from Back Fence PDX:

Dave Jarecki on early misadventures in advertising, Molly Norton on Stuff won — and lost — on the Price is Right, Jeff Hardison on dying undiscovered, with introductions by B. Frayn Masters.

About the speaker

Back Fence PDX has been showcasing people telling true and personal stories since 2008. No lies. No notes. No memorization.

B. FRAYN MASTERS: Host and Executive Producer of both the live and OPB Radio versions of the show

B. Frayn is also the PDX Producer for The Moth StorySLAM. She produces, creates and performs in comedic videos and sketches, and was lucky enough to be a guest performer in w00stock 2.1, which starred the super funny Wil Wheaton, Adam Savage, and Paul & Storm. Samples of her literary leanings can be found in Airplane Reading, MonkeyBicycle 6, Hobart, SPORK and Mountain Man Dance Moves: The McSweeney’s Book of Lists. Writing the cell phones games for the Twilight movie series totally warped her viewpoint on wolves. She puts most of the monies in her bank account as an animation scriptwriter, in addition to writing for various magazines. She swoons for good stories.

MOLLY NORTON: Stuff won — and lost — on the Price is Right

Molly works part-time as a global Talent Acquisition Manager to fund her Pok Pok addiction and because children are tiny money-pits. She’s had her writing featured in Salon.com and SMITH. She once auditioned against Renee Zellweger to be a bride in a Lactaid commercial. In her free time, she enjoys writing, reading, dinner parties, storytelling, and developing camp themes for Burning Man. She once had a tweet favorited by Rob Delaney.

DAVE JARECKI: Copy, closets and Birkenstocks - early misadventures in advertising.

Dave Jarecki owns Breakerboy Communications, a writing firm that partners with other creatives to produce brand stories and written communications for businesses and community organizations. Over time, he’s produced words and stories for Nike, Skylab Architecture, Lewis & Clark College, the Beaverton School District, and many others. He is also an Associate Fellow with Attic Institute, and facilitates creative and business writing workshops throughout the area. His elementary school writing workshops focus not only on writing but on divergent thinking and methods to quietly subvert the system.

JEFF HARDISON: Are you ready to die undiscovered?

Jeff Hardison has dropped out of a performing-arts high school, and run away from an MFA in writing. He’s told stories for Ignite, Back Fence PDX, Literary Death Match and at a Moth StorySLAM. For the last 15 years, he’s earned a living handling marketing for tech companies, including the mobile-app software company he’s with now.

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