Audun Amundsen

January 24, 8:30am - 10:00am CET. Hosted at Habitat

part of a series on Roots

About the speaker

Audun Amundsen is a Norwegian documentary filmmaker, producer and director.

In the deep jungle of Indonesia he meets shaman Aman Paksa and embark on a 15-year journey. In a story filled with humor and brutal honesty, Newtopia disrupts the films we’re used to seeing from indigenous communities.

As the years pass by, the romantic harmony starts to crumble. Audun is in despair, witnessing the slow and calm way life is interrupted by rapid modernisation, or rather, by the trash of the modern world. Ancient techniques and natural materials are swapped with plastic and cheap power tools, barter is replaced with capitalism, paddling oars with motors and muddy paths with highways.