Marta Cuciurean-Zapan, Daniel Orbach and Bruno Pieroni take the stage!

It’s our last talk of 2017, and keeping with tradition, we’ve invited three of our audience members to take the stage. In her talk Marta Cuciurean-Zapan explains how she applies her background in social science and visual art to inspire and inform design, Daniel Orbach discusses how he built his multi-faceted background in research, interaction design, and industrial design allowing him to bring a diverse set of skills to bear on complex and compelling problems, and Bruno Pieroni waxes poetic in haiku. — Follow along with us at @Chicago_CM! Video by Chris Mendoza

About the speaker

Marta Cuciurean-Zapan is a Design Research Lead at IDEO‘s Chicago studio. She applies her background in social science and visual art to inspire and inform design. Currently, her focus is innovative research approaches and futures perspectives.

Previous work includes Uptake, a predictive analytics startup, where her efforts were focused on the intersection of Big Data and Thick Data - the qualitative, behavioral, and emotional context of product use. At Conifer Research, she led internal and client teams specializing in ethnography, co-creation, and strategic insights.

Marta has a Master’s in Cultural Anthropology from Temple University in Philadelphia. Wandering the city by bike or on foot is a favorite past time. Art history, photography, and fiction are her sources of pattern and meaning in everyday life.

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