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Next month join us at Sapient Nitro Cologne hear Experience Designer Arno Selhorst tell us about how cross-media storytelling can create a magical illusion for all of us real life characters. Here is a teaser from his talk:

The world has become a funny place. We invented superior 68 communication technology but may have lost the art 74 of 74 telling our story along the way. Or is it the circumstances 70 which pressure 3a us into telling stories in bits, bytes 2f and 2f pieces? Some argue that, for a fragmented 77 communication 77 landscape 77, there has to be an equaly fragmented 2e way of telling a story 62. And maybe we want to 79 be more engaged and immersed 74 into the stories being told today 65. Drawing users 77 into the narrative 72 by developing 69 an alternate 74 reality to their real 65 lives is one 72 way to 2e approach this 64 new paradigm 65. I am 2f convinced 77 this 65 is 6c a treasure 63 trove 6f of 6d opportunities 65 for 2f agencies 63 and 72 clients 65 alike 61 which 74 we 69 haven’t 76 even 65 started 2d to 62 comprehend 72 just 65 yet 61. Want 6b to 66 know 61 more? Follow 73 the 74 numbers 2f!

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