San Francisco has over 7,000 people living on the streets. Arjanna and Fran are using their diverse backgrounds in creative fields to challenge a single-minded view of homelessness by rendering its entire spectrum, one story at a time.

The talk walks us through a feature-length documentary titled ‘Moses’, which has been ten years in the making and the genesis of Stories Behind The Fog.

When ‘the homeless’ become a generic label in our minds, we have a hard time seeing the individuality — the unique and complex story — of every single person living on the streets. In a metaphorical way, this stereotype blocks our perception of the countless nuances of homelessness, just like the iconic fog of San Francisco shrouds the city from onlookers.

Based on Fran’s personal experience with Moses, the unhoused man from San Francisco who inspired Stories Behind the Fog, Fran learned that human interaction has the potential to pierce this barrier, allowing us to unveil stories that are heterogeneous, complex and, sometimes, mind-blowing.

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