Amal Al Marri, co-founder of SALT discusses their revolution of a food truck on a beach in Dubai.

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In 2013, two girls from the Gulf who loved cooking and eating outdoors got tired of ‘burning burgers in the desert’ and decided to create a food movement that would celebrate the open spaces of the UAE with a simple yet premium dining experience.

Amal Al Marri, a designer and event creator, and Deem Albassam, a food and beverage entrepreneur, called this new movement ‘Salt’ – paying their respects to a simple, fundamental of ingredient of life and good food. While they procured a pair of Airstream trailers and the licensing necessary for the UAE’s first mobile food experience, Amal and Deem travelled around the country to listen to their community of ‘Salters’ – first identified on social media – to understand what was missing from the country’s dining landscape.

Today, Salt is a lifestyle movement that delivers simple, premium food, sourced locally where possible, in two beachfront locations in Dubai and Ajman/ and a park destination Abu Dhabi . The menu includes quickly prepared, easy-to -eat choices made onsite with enthusiasm and consistency from the highest-quality ingredients.

As the UAE’s first homegrown, pop-up dining concept, created with passion by its founders, Salt has created a meeting point for like-minded individuals who are active, innovative, creative, and community-minded. It’s a destination that makes UAE resident feel like tourists, and tourists feel like residents in the know.

As a concept and a movement that engages the heart and brain as well as the stomach, Salt continually evolves to meet the needs of its guests while remaining true to its mission of simplicity, quality and choice.

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