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NASA is advancing its groundbreaking work in human spaceflight, science, technology and aeronautics. NASA continues making history, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge, and advancing our knowledge of the boundless frontier of space. The next phase of exploration near the Moon will use current technologies and allow us to gain experience with extended operations farther from Earth than previously completed. These missions will enable NASA to develop new techniques and apply innovative approaches to solving problems in preparation for longer-duration missions far from Earth. In addition to demonstrating the safe operation of the integrated Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion spacecraft, the agency has proposed building a crew tended spaceport in lunar orbit within the first few SLS missions that would serve as a gateway to deep space and possibly the lunar surface. The deep space gateway concept initially includes a power and propulsion element, a small habitat to extend crew time, logistics module to enable research, and an airlock to enable spacewalks.

As a designer and communication strategist for NASA, Aimee Crane helps the public understand NASA’s pioneering efforts with the Agency’s new rocket, spacecraft and deep space gateway from a different perspective. Crane uses her technical, graphic, and information design expertise to help tell the human deep space exploration story to the public through visual communications and education outreach. Design is the link between creativity and innovation that brings ideas to life. Designers are powerful and valuable visual translators and storytellers, and our vision and skill sets can carry us to places and careers that one might not traditionally think. Crane’s presentation encourages designers and the creative community to expand their horizons and seek out design opportunities in areas that really interest them, advocating that their work will reflect their passion and enthusiasm and they will become stronger visual communicators because of it.

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