How Abhay Adhikari uses empathy to design inclusive and friendly environments for all ages.

In this talk, Abhay shares a project that he’s working on for creating an Age Friendly environment for cities that are becoming more focused on technology rather than people.

About the speaker

Abhay Adhikari (Phd) works globally with private and public sector organisations to develop digital engagement programmes and innovation projects. He also runs the Digital Identity workshop series that have run in 10 countries. These sessions have also been commissioned by organisations such as The Guardian (UK), Nordiska Museet (Sweden) and Asian Paints (India). Abhay also has a research background in Biofeedback Gaming (University of York). He regularly speaks on digital culture at events such as TEDx, FutureEverything and Shift Happens.

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You don't have to look at technology for inspiration for technology projects. Look at all of the other people who are making unusual connections, take the best of that, and say, 'can we replicate some of that but can technology be completely invisible in the process?' — Abhay Adhikari

You really have to focus on people. You have to understand what motivates them, otherwise if you lock yourself in a lab, create something that you think is going to change the world and then you bring it out into the real world, everyone will be terrified, anxious, and afraid. — Abhay Adhikari

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