Abby Rose talks about food, fuel, and fibre in this engaging talk on the context of our lives.

Abby Rose presents why the day-to-day and year-to-year decisions made by farmers affect us all and how the root of sustainability lies directly in the farmer’s hands.

About the speaker

Abby will be talking about her journey to realising that farming affects us all more than we know. It’s the context for the future of the earth and its people.

Abby is a physicist-farmer who makes a podcast sharing the voices of smaller-scale farmers in the UK and beyond, called Farmerama Radio.

She helps run her family’s small farm, vidacycle, where they make natural wine and verjuice. In recent years she also developed some technology to help her family farm better and now fellow farmers in Chile, the US, and UK are using the vidacycle tech apps to support their businesses.

Abby started with a Masters in Physics but found academia too restrictive so she went on polymath adventures to pursue science in other ways. Her latest collaboration is OurfieldProject, a co-farming project which allows people to live the risks and rewards of being a farmer through collective decision-making online, so they become part of the story.

She is committed to bridging boundaries, learning from both organic enthusiasts and conventional farmers who are taking steps towards a more ecological approach to farming.

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