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Abby and Clair from Shut up and Dance will be inspiring us with their serendipitous journey for the month of May!

Abby is the business manager, taking control of marketing, coordination, website, events and internal operations. Clair is the creative director and our head instructor, training our staff, choreographing our routines, creating playlists and controlling how our classes run from start to finish. Lesa is the third business owner with an external role in the business who mentors and guides our decisions and ensures our brand always stays true to it’s origins. So what this really means, is that Abby creates memes and searches for pictures of dogs all day, Clair’s office resembles that of a 15 year olds’ bedroom with a penchant for Nsync and Lesa’s husband is now privvy to every single routine we’ve ever learnt. He’s a lucky guy.

In their lives outside of dance, Lesa, Clair and Abby are busy with their own various projects and ventures and jobs; Clair runs a Glee Club, Lesa works at the NZ Film Commission and Abby is an actress and voice-over artist. Lesa has a comedy podcast called Neon Fruit, improvises in her spare time and is mother to Rudy, her black and white pooch. Clair, originally hailing from the UK, teaches spin and zumba throughout the Wellington CBD and when she’s not instructing, can usually be found doing sudoku on a bench. It’s an absolute miracle that the three of us found each other, let alone shared the same dream for our venture. We think that everyone needs to Shut Up & Dance at some point in their lives, if not every week, so we look forward to talking to you about the serendipitous big bang that is our business (the theme is serendipity, but our take on it might be a little different to what you expect).

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