I am a writer. I am dedicated to Deutsch and to language in general. I love letters – their aesthetics and their cultural implications. This is why I feature type, type people, type projects. My background is in text, classical copy writing and corporate storytelling. /// Sprache ist mein Werkstoff.

Text / Deutsch / Sprache / Literatur / Typografie. /// Got it?

Schwere Sachen tragen. /// Carrying heavy things.

„Bleib locker, Schwesterherz.“ /// (Not transferable.)

Immer den oder die, die gerade dran sind. /// Always the speaker I see or just saw.

Denken. /// To think.

Kung-fu-Trainerin. /// Kung fu teacher.

An ein bestimmtes Lächeln. /// A certain smile.

Eine geheime Superkraft. /// A kung fu practise.