Molly McPherson, Social Media Strategist + Communications Consigliere

"Death By a Thousand Clicks: When poor digital media practices slowly kill your click at a time."

People often ask me what I do for work. In a nutshell–I speak, write, and teach on the “Who, What, Where, When, and Why” a news story catches fire via today’s social media driven world. Social Media is a powerful tool, and it’s here to stay–it’s virtually how the world receives information on any topic, on any given moment of any day. It permeates modern culture–and rather than ignore it or run away from it–learn how to take command of it as a business leader and wield it as a powerful tool in your company’s media arsenal.

Whether we are talking about social media, crisis communications, news, or public relations, I find the spark that makes it work or the reason why it fizzled.

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