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To date, CreativeMornings/TO has been very successful at coalescing Toronto’s creative community around informal and unstructured learning and inspiration. Month after month, our events continue to sell out in minutes with waitlists longer than the number of attendees, but we’re still not reaching the full potential of this community.

Toronto is a massive city, the fourth largest in North America, with a bustling diverse population of more than 2.5 million people. While we continue to serve the creative heart of Toronto by hosting our events centrally, we could do more to feature and showcase creativity in every corner of Toronto.

That’s why we’re proud to announce CreativeMornings/Toronto/POPUPs. Smaller events which feature local creativity to a local audience, that are showcased to the world via creativemornings.com.

We hope to host at least two POPUP events this spring and summer, and hope you’ll come along for the ride. To get involved in planning these events, please get in touch with CreativeMornings/Toronto Trailblazer Christina Hug or contact us at toronto@creativemornings.com.

Hi there, we’re CreativeMornings Toronto, a monthly breakfast lecture series for Toronto’s creative community. We connect, inspire and delight young creatives with lectures, discussions, and environments that allow them to do something special: become more of themselves.

We’re seeking four passionate leaders within Toronto’s creative communities to take us into our third year, but also to grow our audience, stature and influence over Toronto’s creativity.

Please read more about the available positions:

A CONNECTOR to share our creative efforts with the community,
A STEWARD to enable our events with partners and sponsors,
A COORDINATOR to bring our gatherings together, and
A TRAILBLAZER to take us to new heights.

The CONNECTOR will share our creative efforts with the community by:

  • Upkeeping creativemornings.com/to with event & chapter details
  • Sharing creative opportunities and event recaps on our blog
  • Profiling speakers, attendees, volunteers and other community builders
  • Growing our community through opportunities for media outreach

The STEWARD will enable our events and community by creating co-beneficial partnerships with:

  • Organizations who will partner, sponsor and support our events
  • Creative events, festivals and movements with whom we strengthen our community
  • Stunning spaces, places and venues in which we inspire our audience
  • Caterers who will provide the best coffee and breakfast in the city

The COORDINATOR will be the engine that brings our community together, by:

  • Managing any and all event logistics
  • Finding photographers and videographers to capture our events
  • Recruiting and managing an amazing group of volunteers
  • Preparing pieces of flair like IceBreaker Nametags and other unique elements that make our community special

The TRAILBLAZER will take our community to new heights by:

  • Spreading our unique model to benefit underserved areas of the city
  • Working with a small group of creative entrepreneurs to envision, prototype & build true connectedness and collaboration amongst Toronto’s creative community
  • Inventing, creating and building opportunities for creative enlightenment

All positions will require about 5-10 hours/month of work, and are expected to be on the organizing team for at least a year.

Interested in one of these positions? Send an e-mail to: toronto@creativemornings.com & tell us why this community is so important to you.

Can’t commit the time just yet? We’re always looking for more volunteers. Fill out this form to get involved.

If you’re interested in a specific position, please add a few thoughts about how you would improve CreativeMornings with you at the helm.

Please submit your interest before January 6th.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

*Toronto photo courtesy Shutterstock.

Welcome to the home of CreativeMornings Toronto! Browse previous lectures, meet members of the community, and stay in touch!

Photo Courtesy: Shutterstock


This October, we’re excited to announce our theme of “Play.” The theme was chosen by our organizer Jade Tang and the Auckland team and depicted by Auckland-based James Stewart for our monthly illustration.

The speakers this month touch upon multiple aspects of play from Max Tempkin, founder of Cards Against Humanity (Chicago), Tomáš Pilař, a young Opera Director (Prague), to Jemma Kahn, the primary illustrator and principal storyteller in ‘The Epicene Butcher’ who will be performing her take on Kamashibai (Johannesburg).

As always, free tickets are available starting the Monday before the talk.

Game on.

Our ongoing Breakfast Provider Sense Appeal gave a sneak peek at some future breakfasts they’ll be serving to the CreativeMornings community in Toronto >


We love this video made by Sense Appeal, the catering crew of our Toronto Chapter, speaking about how they theme the food served at their local events.

Check it out.

As always, @swipedesign will have a pop-up shop at #cmto 19… Right beside their store! World’s closest pop-up? With this quality merch, we’re not complaining!