Welcome to the CreativeMornings St. Louis chapter! Our free monthly gatherings welcomes a variety of people with different creative disciplines to gather and celebrate the creative work being done in our community.

We’ve recently joined the CreativeMornings community ((2018)) and are excited to introduce CreativeMornings to St. Louis and the greater region. We are a team of original, dynamic, spunky, artsy, geeky, and most importantly, super coooool and diverse people!

We are here to bond and cultivate the creative learning communities. St. Louis has a long and rich history of being a place of refuge to many groups of people and exchange from around world. St. Louis is also a lively place situated amongst the “fly over states”, that has catalyzed the creation and evolution of many new foods, art, music, dance, social/political change and beyond. We are thrilled to bring the people of St. Louis this new opportunity. Please join our growing community of creative learners.


Sl copper roof1 sq Samantha Lee Co-Host
Download Vu Do Co-Host
Cm avatar 1 Joel Schad Videographer
Lnblkwh Louis Nahlik Social Media Director @louisnahlik