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Kathy Van Voorhees

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February 28, 8:00am • WeWork • part of a series on Invest

Our featured speaker for February is Kathy Van Voorhees.Kathy Van Voorhees is an attorney at Stock Legal LLC. Kathy helps small business owners and entrepreneurs make informed decisions to protect their interests and strategically form their businesses.

Join us on February 28th to hear Kathy speak on INVEST!!!

Happy February!This month’s theme is #CMinvest. It was chosen by @HongKong_CM and Bao Ho ( illustrated it.Our next event will be on February 28th. More Details to come this week!

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The noise of the ship falling apart is louder than that which is coming together. - Lee Broughton
A quote from Friday’s talk on ROOTS.

“Be mission oriented but still flexible…” A quote from our October talk on Flow. At CreativeMornings we encourage flexibility in mind, body, and creativity. Join our community of creatives who are here to support you, celebrate with you, and encourage you to make the things you love.

Join us on January 31st for a talk on ROOTS by Lee Broughton.
Lee left the UK to join Enterprice Holdings here in St. Louis. Since then, he has helped make a huge impact towards making our city, a city he now calls home, a better place. Hear Lee’s interpretation of ROOTS at our next event.