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Adwa Al-Dakheel

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September 28, 10:00am • • part of a series on Muse

While we won’t be meeting this month, we’re preparing something VERY BIG for August’s event!

We can’t wait to see you in August, but till then, you can keep up with July’s theme #CMend from the other chapters all over the world!

Collaboration Station !!!
Where everyone shares their passion and dreams…Check them out

1- Abdulrahman Al Maddah: Mechanical Engineering, automotive experience, basic manufacturing work, logistical work, event management and volunteering.

2- Abdulrahman Shaikh: Mechanical Engineering, automotive experience, team-based skills, parts designing and prototyping, research-oriented.

3-Fadia Alamri: Law. Marketing experience, international law preference. Volunteering and event organization. Hosting, voice-over, and singing. Radio show previous work.
Keen to work and good communication skills.

4- Alhanouf Fahad: Law & volunteering.

5-Layan Mohammed: Law & volunteering.

6-Afnan: Computer and Technology. UX design and consultancy. Mobile apps and development. Product management consultancy.

7-Abrar Almadi: Computer and Technology. Jira administration. Help disk. Microsoft office. (HTML5 - Javascript). @abrar.a.almadi

8- Zaina Arafat: Architecture and Planning. Arts and Communication. Management and Business. Ads design. Graphics. Management and planning.

9-Sara Al-Hinti: Science.

10-Aya: Science. Arts and Communication. Art paintings. Science Research.

11-Sara AlSaif: Computer and Technology. Data Analysis.

12-Talal AlMutairi: Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

13-Huda Ashraf Morrar: Architecture and Planning. I do architecture and interior design (2D & 3D). I can help with spatial planning. Space organizing, innovative ways for displays. I can use photoshop for editing, doing graphics and posters…etc. Volunteering.

14-Abdulwaheed shaikh: Arts and Communication. Photography and film making services. @abdulwaheedshaikh

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Thank you for the Inspiring vibes!!

Full House!! 🏠 

This month’s speaker. Nelly Attar, strives to empower the Arab youth and inspire women through her sport-activism. With numerous mountaineering and athletic achievements to date, she just summited Mount Everest 🏔 

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