Panama is well-known as the “world bridge heart of the universe” for its privileged geographic location. We are a small, but great and rich country in history and culture. We want to revolutionize this space of dialogue and creativity connecting people with this inspiring movement and having positive impact in the up coming generations. We believe in hugs, smiles and a positive energy drives to create solutions to our daily lives.


26993671 10159964660295626 2516051108748295707 n esdras jaimes Head of Photography + illustrations @esdrasjaimes
Jp juan Pardo Lee Head of Videographs + Animations
Cm Gilbert Tudares Head of Community Volunteer
333784 10150322318613400 1201934824 o 1 Laura Diaz Creative Strategist Curator @antidotopanama
Img 1314 Lara Fuica Head of Community and Design Lead
Clai Claireth Cantillo Head of Speaker Relations @ClaireCantillo
Cm avatar 2 Carolina Sigüenza Social Media Community Manager
Cm avatar 2 Karina Solano Strategist Curator
Profile  1 Mariabel Dutari Speaker Relations @mariabeld