Lima is a city where creativity abounds, there’s no doubt. If we are a city so creative, so beautiful, it was it was time for cultural managers there really understand the true magnitude of what it means to be creative in our city . It is here that we come along .

CreativeMornings Lima is more than one format. Not only organize talks , what we bring to the city is the opportunity to create a community, a group that transcends disciplines and whose ultimate goal is to promote creativity and realize good ideas. Thomas Unger already said in the first lecture : “Good ideas are not enough. Fact, they are nothing , good ideas have to be done ”

Each CMLima is done once a month, free of charge thanks to the support of our amazing sponsors; CMLima is not only for the creative type, it’s for everyone.

We invite you to the next talk, to meet and talk with the community during breakfast , before listening to the speaker of the month.

See you in the morning!