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Annalena Mayor Ekeblad: Courage

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March 23, 7:30am • Göteborgs Konserthus • part of a series on Courage

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CreativeMornings Gothenburg is #upfront!

#upfront is a global organisation elevating and encouraging new voices on and off stages. They are making conferences stages around the world more accessible and diverse and they do this by inviting keynote speakers to share their stage and their power. Here’s what it looks like in action.

What does that mean?

When asked why people aren’t on stage they tell us they don’t know where to start. They tell us the thought of standing on a stage facing a sea of strangers is overwhelming. We’re solving this problem by being #upfront.

You can be #upfront next Friday

During her talk, Tash Willcocks, our speaker will share her stage with you. You’ll sit comfortably on a couch, in front of a sea of friendly faces whilst our speakers talk. You will not need to speak and Tash will be there to facilitate. Oh, and you’ll meet her beforehand too.

If you are someone who would one day like to speak on stage but you’re not yet ready, being #upfront is a great way to start being comfortable on stage. You get to feel what’s it’s like to be on stage without the pressure of performing.

If you want to be #upfront on the CreativeMornings Gothenburg stage, in front of three hundred people, and claim a space on the #upfront couch please send an email tohelloupfron with the subject line CreativeMornings Gothenburg February 2017. The team at #upfront are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Here is a short video from #upfront founder, Lauren Currie explaining what it’d be like to sit #upfront. You can also read blog posts on our website from others who have sat #upfront.

We do hope you’ll join us and the #upfront team in demanding more equality by sitting down to stand up. Here’s to more and more diversity, a variety of ideas, creativity, storytelling and change!


We’re thrilled beyond belief to present February’s speaker Tash Willcocks – an amazing illustrator / typostrator from Manchester, England.Don’t miss Tash’s “Make friends, not contacts” talk at CreativeMornings Gothenburg on February 24! This will be an inspiring talk about collaborating with people in different ways and making those moments special. And oh, there will probably some crazy kittens somewhere in there as well. The tickets will be released on Monday, February 20.


Hey, creative people!

It’s been a week since our January event and about time we summarized it for you, before our official video is released. This is also gonna be a bit of a recap on how a #cmgbg event works as well; something to refer your beloved co-workers, clients, friends, or friendly strangers to, if they want to know more about the what’s and the how’s, and so on.


The volunteer team met up at Stenhammarsalen early Friday morning, around 7. We got everything together and ready for opening. Photographers Julia Reinhart & Petri Olderhvit got their amazing exhibit in order as well.


At around 7:50, we opened the doors for all you guys to come inside the Gothenburg Concert Hall. Spirits were high, naturally, because you’re all awesome people!


You checked in with our volunteers inside the doors, who had lists and lists with your names on them.


After check-in, you proceeded up the stairs, to the nametag table and the wardrobe area. At the nametag table you got to create your own nametag, by writing your name on a sticky-sheet, and writing down your answer to the question of the month.


This month’s nametag question was: What is the greatest mystery of all time? Your responses, of course, were splendid, and sometimes hilarious. We’d say we’re sorry about making you think such deep thoughts before your first cup of coffee. But we’re not.


Once you’d divested yourselves of your coats and gotten your nametags sorted, some of you hung around to chat for a bit. Most, however, ambled along to the breakfast area, where there was some brilliant coffee, courtesy of Per Nordby. You can order his luxurious Crencencio blend, and other types of coffee, at his website:


Along with the coffee, you got a tasty sandwich, wrapped in info about this month’s breakfast sponsor: WinterBoost. WinterBoost is a cool event that’s meant to function as a mental vitamin injection this winter, on February 7th to be exact. So, surf on over to: and secure your ticket now!


In the breakfast area, you had a lot of interesting conversations, some were about nametags, others, not so much.


The breakfast area was also where the photo exhibit took place. And, not to brag, but we kinda think you liked it a lot. We certainly did.


At 08:20, the first bell rang, and we opened the doors to Stenhammarsalen. You were great at finding seats in a timely fashion, thanks for that!


Christer started talking at 08:30. Then we had three brave ladies come on stage who all made a 30 second pitch.


Malin Rockström (@funkymellie) was looking for an art director internship.


Alonnika Ritchey (@alonnika) was looking for a copywriter internship.


Joanne Lau (@tictactoc) moved here from Canada in December and was looking for new people to hang with and a job in UX design.


Headliner Isadora Wronski told us all about the Burning Man festival.


Burning Man has 10 Principles: Radical Inclusion, Gifting, Decommodification, Radical Self-reliance, Radical Self-expression, Communal Effort, Civic Responsibility, Leaving No Trace, Participation, and Immediacy.


We thought its sounded amazing. Learn more about it at the website: And, hey! There’ll be a Burning Man event in Stockholm on March 4. Don’t miss it!

Thanks to volunteer event photographers Magnus Rönnkvist, Ola Dyrhill & Sina Farhat for all the great photos!

You can see all of their pictures from the event on our flickr-account:

Burning Man & the Future of Participatory Culture

The theme for Creative Mornings Gothenburg on January 20 is MYSTERY. And what can be more mysterious than a music festival where they build a whole town in the desert, only to burn it down as part of the festivities? Burning Man Swedish representative Isadora Wronski will tell us all about it at this month’s event. Don’t miss it, it’s bound to be awesome.

Tickets go live at 11am today! 🔥

Burning Man Photo Exhibition

Don’t miss our Burning Man photo exhibition!  As a part of this month’s Creative Mornings, Gothenburg based photojournalist Julia Reinhart and street photographer Petri Olderhvit will exhibit some of their works, from Burning Man 2016, at our breakfast.

Tickets for this month’s Creative Mornings breakfast are released on Monday, January 16, at 11am sharp. Go to to get yours. The event takes place on January 20. Hope to see you there! 

How many people does it take to organize a CreativeMornings event? About…this many.  Say hello to the amazing CreativeMornings Gothenburg team. And give them a well deserved high five at the next event on January 20.

”It’s great that positive things like CreativeMornings happens in Gothenburg. So I thought I would challenge myself and get up really early in the morning.”Meet Filip Svensson (@thebusinessquotes), a freelancer in language och communication. Right now he’s focusing on copywriting and design.📸 by Ola Dyrhill (@olas_foto), interview by Moa Brimse (@moabrimse)

”I saw CreativeMornings in my Facebook feed and it looked interesting. I want to be a part of this community as this is something I would like to work with in the future.”Meet Michelle Arborelius @michellearborelius – an art student at Göteborgs konstskola.📸 by Ola Dyrhill (@olas_foto), interview by Moa Brimse (@moabrimse)

”I like the short format of CreativeMornings. It’s a nice way to meet people, eat breakfast and listen to a great talk. My goal is to bring something with me that I didn’t know before.”Meet Tomas Amneskog, Creative Director at Stendahls.📸 by Ola Dyrhill (@olas_foto), interview by Moa Brimse (@moabrimse)

”I think it’s exciting to be inspired at CreativeMornings”.Meet Frida Storm (@stormdesignfoto), Art Director at Forever Living Products. 📸 by Ola Dyrhill (@olas_foto), interview by Moa Brimse (@moabrimse)