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”I think it’s exciting to be inspired at CreativeMornings”.Meet Frida Storm (@stormdesignfoto), Art Director at Forever Living Products. 📸 by Ola Dyrhill (@olas_foto), interview by Moa Brimse (@moabrimse)

”CreativeMornings is a great way to start the day and get some inspiration. I suppose it’s easy to find excuses not to turn up in the morning but today I made it!”
Meet Catja Björklund (@C_a_t_j_a), copywriter and creative at Welcom.

📸 by Ola Dyrhill (@olas_foto), interview by Moa Brimse (@moabrimse)

In a world where talking, convincing and arguing is abundant, the need for listening, reflection and silence can not be overstated.
Decembers theme is ”sound”. At our upcoming event on December 15, our speaker Thomas Reibke will focus on its opposite – silence.Thomas is an experienced and awarded process consultant, trainer and facilitator. Over a period of 10 years, Thomas has worked with teams and leaders, to increase their innovative capacities, and lead  organisational transformation processes.Thomas is a graduated Kaospilot and holds an MA in Cultural and Creative Leadership and has facilitated transformation programmes for IKEA, Google, Target, General Mills, Unilever, Wieden+Kennedy, BBDO, DDB and MEC.Tickets are released at 11:00 on December 12.

We are really proud to present our first speaker – the amazing code artist Afra Noubarzadeh!

November’s theme is Fantasy. According to Afra, limitations plays a central role in boosting creativity in a time of unlimited possibilities and choices. By defining and limiting your reality, he suggests that we will have a greater chance of maximizing our imagination and fantasy in creative processes. Afra’s goal as an artist is to use limitations to enable people to communicate and create art together.

Don’t miss his talk at CreativeMornings Gothenburg on November 25!

Tickets (free but limited in number) will be released monday November 21.

Date: November 25
Time: 08.00 - 09.00
Location: Stenhammarsalen, Götaplatsen (Gothenburg)

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Save the date! Four weeks until the premiere of CreativeMornings Gothenburg!

We are incredibly happy that Gotheburg Symphony is one of our partners. Every month they will open up their grand concert house for the creative community of Gothenburg.
Thank you Gotheburg Symphony, you guys rock!