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Sylvia Soo

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November 16, 8:30am • dc3 Art Projects • part of a series on Restart

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Throughout human history, games were about winning or losing.

Author James P. Carse extends this concept beautifully in Finite and Infinite Games: “A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play.”

Which game are you playing with your art?

It’s a question worth asking everyday. Is this decision, this attitude, sending you down a short game or long game? The same energy that we spend chasing rewards and likes can be refocused to loving our craft and shipping our best work.

Keep your eyes on the journey, not the prize.

This month is presented by our global partner MailChimp. This month’s global exploration of Game was chosen by our Liège chapter and illustrated by Jeffrey Phillips.

Long-time host Laura-Lynn Johnston has taken flight and moved to Auckland New Zealand this past March. In her place are four individuals who will continue the awesome legacy that CreativeMornings has had in our city.

Thanks to Laura-Lynn and those before her, the Edmonton chapter has inspired connections and provided platforms for innovative creators in our city since 2012. We will miss her delightful energy, laughter and random dancing mid-introductions. Although the organizing team has changed, the same details you know and love about CM will continue: a 20-minute presentation in an awesome venue, with coffee and pastries–all for free!

Help us say our digital farewells, thanks and good lucks to Laura-Lynn as she embarks on her new adventures on the other side of the world.

Stay tuned for our upcoming April event that our team is feverishly planning. Also: We’ll introduce our team here in a little bit. We’re excited to get to know you over the next year!


Jacqueline, Rochelle, Vanessa and Mark

Our longest serving volunteer is now a Google-naut! Congratulations on the new journey Doug - we hope to see you back in EDM soon!

Stay tuned for Doug’s talk on time - we'l be posting it in the next few days.

We were SHOCKED when Campers Village brought out Smartwool Charley Harper socks AND a $10 gift card for every attendee last Friday. That was definately one of the best surprises we’ve ever recieved from someone!

If you love the socks, you can find them at or tweet a thank you to @campersvillage

Thanks so much guys!!