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Looking over the photo spread from last Friday’s engaging conversation fills us with great joy. Bringing accessible community events that welcome everyone and encourages bravery, honesty and creativity is an honour.

July’s theme was INTENTION. Our speaker was the hypnotic, Ahmed Knowmadic Ali. Our venue was the welcoming DevFacto who in partnership with Alberta Podcast Network, helped feed our morning conversation with coffee and pastries. Always a win-win.

All photos courtesy of the talented and generous, Leroy Schulz (@leroyschulz), who we are forever grateful to.

Check out the entire set at CreativeMornings Edmonton’s July Flickr album

Next Friday we will be listening to Ahmed Knowmadic Ali’s connection to this month’s theme: INTENTION. As a professional speaker, writer and activist, Ahmed has a lot of inspirational nuggets to share with us during our breakfast lecture. 

We are happy to have the people at DevFacto give us their community space to hold the event, complete with river valley views for a (hopeful) sunny morning.

CreativeMornings Edmonton has been the result of the community’s generosity to share stories, ideas, resources, space, media and the like. For the past year, Alberta Podcast Network has partnered with CM to make these events inspirational and delicious (got to love that breakfast spread). We are a community of story-tellers and eager listeners, and apparently, morning people! 

We know there is something unique about Edmonton because we keep finding reasons to celebrate our city through it’s inhabitants, businesses and venues. CreativeMornings Edmonton welcomes new partnerships to strengthen our series and the community it serves. We hope to inspire new connections in an accessible manner: everyone is welcome.

See you on July 27 at DevFacto in Scotia Place, doors at 8:30 AM. 

*Tickets are released on July 23 at 9:00 AM!

This month we are exploring our craft. Craft is what we make, what we continually cultivate, and what drives us towards mastering our discipline. We are serving you up a speaker who delivers laughs, music, dance and looks. This June 8, CreativeMornings Edmonton is proudly presenting Jonathan Busch, AKA Lourdes the Merry Virgin, drag queen extraordinaire and fiercely talented digital artist.

When you were a child, what was your favourite thing to create?

JB: I mostly stuck to drawing pictures and writing little plays that I forced family and friends to perform.

How has Edmonton influenced your craft?

JB: The sense of community in Edmonton has influenced me a great deal. Most audiences here seem to walk into shows of any kind with an open mind and are open to the challenge of embracing whatever sort of weirdness is thrown at them. I think it’s largely due to a shared sense of curiosity over the different sorts of creativity that take place in their city and also a willingness to validate with their attention.

[Drag] allowed me to experiment with many elements of the craft with visuals, storytelling and new concepts – to step outside the typical formulas and trust that it will at some point connect with people.

What is something most people don’t know about drag culture in Edmonton?

JB: Its frigging HUGE! I can easily name fifty queens without needing to consult an online source to remind me. There’s also a great space on YouTube called Dragging Our Heels which posts many of the performances that go on in the city. And not to mention there are shows happening everywhere all the time.

Who or what is your creative inspiration?

JB: I have a lot of those – too many to name. A few are Sandra Bernhard, Robert Altman, Madonna, David Lynch, of course Rupaul and the countless queens from Drag Race.

How has your craft changed over the years?

JB: I depend less on needing to buy things for drag and love to try to find a way to make things myself, or at least reconstruct things so they can be perceived as original. This goes for a lot my drag look, obviously, but also appropriating music and spoken dialogue tracks into the mixes for my performances.

I’ve found that making my own stuff, whatever it might be, offers many opportunities to recognize an individual sense of creativity.

What surfaces are all of these unseen goals, priorities, limitations, challenges etc, and they tell me a lot about myself and my relationship to the community with whom I get to share the work.

All images courtesy of Jonathan Busch.

Can’t get enough? Check our Busch/Lourdes on Instagram!

April may have the weather temperament of a toddler, but we’re still giving you reasons to get out of your house/office and into some beloved community spaces to share some breakfast and get creatively inspired.

This month we are exploring the theme GAME, chosen by our Belgium chapter friends in Liège. Our team started brainstorming the perfect person to talk about GAME, and we ended up contacting the trio who run Secret Meat Club and the much anticipated Meuwly’s.

Glendon Tan, Peter Keith and Will Kotowicz started their meat subscription service in 2016 and have garnered an extensive waiting list of hungry Edmontonians waiting to get a taste of their high-quality local product. They for-see opening their full scale market operation, Meuwlys, in the summer of 2018: we got to preview the space, and all we can say is “WOW.” We’re already talking about making a CreativeMornings field trip to Meuwly’s after they open to get a feast for the eyes and mouth!

Join us this Friday morning at Latitude 53 to hear what the trio found to be the successful elements that made their dreams become a reality within Edmonton, and how you can take away valuable lessons on what it means to create community, create conversations and learn from feedback.

Throughout human history, games were about winning or losing.

Author James P. Carse extends this concept beautifully in Finite and Infinite Games: “A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play.”

Which game are you playing with your art?

It’s a question worth asking everyday. Is this decision, this attitude, sending you down a short game or long game? The same energy that we spend chasing rewards and likes can be refocused to loving our craft and shipping our best work.

Keep your eyes on the journey, not the prize.

This month is presented by our global partner MailChimp. This month’s global exploration of Game was chosen by our Liège chapter and illustrated by Jeffrey Phillips.

Long-time host Laura-Lynn Johnston has taken flight and moved to Auckland New Zealand this past March. In her place are four individuals who will continue the awesome legacy that CreativeMornings has had in our city.

Thanks to Laura-Lynn and those before her, the Edmonton chapter has inspired connections and provided platforms for innovative creators in our city since 2012. We will miss her delightful energy, laughter and random dancing mid-introductions. Although the organizing team has changed, the same details you know and love about CM will continue: a 20-minute presentation in an awesome venue, with coffee and pastries–all for free!

Help us say our digital farewells, thanks and good lucks to Laura-Lynn as she embarks on her new adventures on the other side of the world.

Stay tuned for our upcoming April event that our team is feverishly planning. Also: We’ll introduce our team here in a little bit. We’re excited to get to know you over the next year!


Jacqueline, Rochelle, Vanessa and Mark

Our longest serving volunteer is now a Google-naut! Congratulations on the new journey Doug - we hope to see you back in EDM soon!

Stay tuned for Doug’s talk on time - we'l be posting it in the next few days.

We were SHOCKED when Campers Village brought out Smartwool Charley Harper socks AND a $10 gift card for every attendee last Friday. That was definately one of the best surprises we’ve ever recieved from someone!

If you love the socks, you can find them at campers-village.com or tweet a thank you to @campersvillage

Thanks so much guys!!