Bologna + Ferrara = BOF Two locations, one city! Ferrara and Bologna are like twins, similar in their appearance and sharing the same roots, but different and complementary when you know them deeper.

The two cities share an awesome culinary heritage, ready to bring everyone’s taste buds on an extraordinary journey. Indeed, one of the three nicknames of Bologna is “La Grassa” (The Fat) for its food products and cuisine, while her sister Ferrara safeguards traditional recipes dating back to Renaissance (or even further!). You may be strong enough to make a choice between “lasagne” or “cappellacci”, but you will always find that different dishes stem out of a common traditional knowledge passing from one generation to the next one. We want to highlight and share this knowledge while our Argentinian pastry chef Dario (proudly imported in Bologna) makes thematic and creative cookies for every CM theme. A delicious souvenir for whom we will meet!

We want to nourish our guests’ and audiences’ minds and bellies!

In Bologna and Ferrara innovation and creativity are the thread that knits together a multidisciplinary and multicultural community of artists, designers, students, crafters, researchers and more. An extraordinary group of people, professionals and amateurs, who need a place for sharing their knowledge in a relaxed but lively environment. Sharing breakfast together ought to be a solid starting point!

Our purpose will be to bring people together both in the cities’ centers and peripheries, which are considered today the new innovation and creative hubs. We intend to showcase our guests’ collective knowledge as a tool for sharing, education and urban regeneration.

Arts and innovation are expressed from both industries and universities. Many students live in the two cities: somebody in Bologna, attending the most ancient University in the world or the Academy of Fine Arts, full of talent and creativity; somebody in Ferrara, excellence in architecture and design. We deeply want to provide a meaning to share, connect and put in relation these young talents and their experiences.

Transportation between the two cities is efficient, making them feel like a single urban area. Both of them have a train station right in the city center, with trains every 30 minutes and busses every hour. Bologna is the main train hub of Northern Italy, and has one of the biggest and well connected railways in the whole country. Bologna also has a high traffic airport. Having a shared hub which connects these two nearby cities will allow to collect more brilliant minds and to offer even more experiences to guests and audiences. Being able to intercept audiences on this broader and highly active territory, would provide a shining display for Creative Mornings in Italy.


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