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DJ Jim Q’s Playlist: Reality

Reality can be rough. A lot of the things around us serve to help us escape the harshness of reality rather than face it. TV, films, video games, music and now VR all help us escape through fantasy.

The CreativeMornings/Brisbane community showing love at our debut event. We love you all. 📷: Anwyn Howarth @missanwyn 

Alright, that’s enough rest. It’s time to get geared up for the next event and yes, this does clash with the dates of The Design Conference Brisbane but don’t worry we have a plan! Speaker, theme and venue to be announced very soon.

You’ll always know where to find us each month thanks to The Autumn Co.making this wicked a-frame for us! Look out Brisbane, we are already planning your next event in May… For now, have a happy long weekend everyone!