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The First CreativeMornings Summit!

You may have seen the Instagrams or heard our plea for wine donations—we’re hosting the first ever CreativeMornings Summit! (Before you pack your bags and try to snag a ticket, though, the CreativeMornings Summit is only for chapter organizers and their teams.)


For the first time, we are inviting all of our chapter hosts and their team members to join us in downtown Brooklyn for the Summit. From Jeju, South Korea, to Berlin, Germany, organizers and their teams are currently making their way to Brooklyn, New York for two days of workshops, talks and discussions on best practices and the future of CreativeMornings. We will gather to exchange stories, learn from each other, create together and, in the spirit of CreativeMornings, (finally) meet in person.

In case you were wondering what all that traveling might look like in doughnuts, feel free to check out the below infographic.

Journey to the Summit in Doughnuts-01 Journey to the Summit in Doughnuts, an infographic by our summer intern, Danny Swan.

It has been a long time coming. At the last CreativeMornings retreat, HQ decided that this year would be the year that we finally host a Summit for all our volunteer organizers. Since the first CreativeMornings was hosted six years ago, we’ve grown and expanded to 88 cities around the world. Thanks to Official Partners like Squarespace, Shutterstock and MailChimp, we’re able to make this dream a reality this year and look forward to meeting the volunteer organizers and their teams who make CreativeMornings chapters happen around the world. We’re excited to see what happens.

To follow along, check out the hashtag #CMSummit14 on Instagram and Twitter. We’ll see you on the internet!

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