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October's theme is Crossover

From Berlin, Germany to Jeju, South Korea, CreativeMornings chapters now span over 85 cities around the world. At the heart of each month is a global conversation, crossing over coastlines and oceans to speak about the intersection of creativity and the month’s theme—whether that’s Sex, Freedom, or, most recently this October, Crossover.

The theme was chosen by our Utrecht team and we were excited to have London-based Brazilian illustrator João Lauro Fonte make this month’s theme illustration.

This month is all about the creativity that happens in the space of crossover. Speakers this month are looks at the theme from a range of perspectives, each bringing their own to the table. A few include:

  • Doree Safrir, Executive Editor of Buzzfeed, speaking on her storied past and the ever-changing trajectory of journalism (Los Angeles)
  • Jerzy Vetulani, professor of natural sciences, speaking on the functioning of the human brain and relations between neurobiology and various social and cultural phenomena (Krakow)
  • Ben Blumenfeld, Co-Director of Designer Fund, sepaking on the crossover of design, technology and business (San Francisco)
  • Raz Simone, hip-hop artist, speaking on recently “crossing over” from writing poetry to writing lyrics (Seattle)
  • Gerardo Larrea y Antonio Choy Kay, stylists and creative directiing duo, speaking on their collaborative work style (Lima)

As always, free tickets are available starting the Monday before the talk. Find an event near you.

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