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Sex, Sex, Sex

April’s theme is no joke! We’re talking about Sex. The theme was chosen by our Toronto organizer Kyle Baptista and his team, and we were excited to have Mike Perry create the wonderful illustration you see above.

From sex toy designers to those tackling gender equality, this month’s theme takes sex out of the bedroom and onto the stage. A few of this month’s speakers include:

  • Ebonie Mukasa, founder of Cloak, working to end human trafficking (Miami)
  • Jozef Rabara, artist who experiments with gender through music Mušnula (Prague)
  • Suzy Spencer, author of Secret Sex Lives (Austin)
  • Emanuele Laviosa, sex toy designer (Milan)
  • Nenna Joiner, sex shop/vintage gallery owner (Oakland)
  • Nandipha Mntambo, South African artist (Johannesburg)

As always, free tickets are available starting the Monday before the talk.
Let’s get down to it.

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