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DJ Jim Q's Playlist: Risk

No risk, no reward, as the saying goes. I’m truly inspired by people that throw caution to the wind and pursue their passion, damn the consequences! I’m impressed by all these young entrepreneurs starting their own businesses or working independently without a safety net. Yeah DIY! I really hate to admit it, but I’m conservative when it comes to life choices. I have always had a fairly stable job and I like the security in my routine. Fortunately with creative endeavors, I’m bolder. Taking risks is essential to inventive creation. We should be cavalier in embracing new techniques and celebrating experimentation even if it sometimes leads to failure, it’s totally worth it. “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” – T. S. Eliot

I’m fascinated by musicians that adopt this approach. Artists that refuse to be categorized or decide to challenge expectations regardless of the financial or reputational consequences. It is especially interesting with commercially successful artists. Kanye is a great example, intentional or not, love him or hate him, he continues to rebel against categorization or definition. He is about as difficult as they come, but the work can be brilliant and ground-breaking because of it. This is nothing new, Bob Dylan shook things up by offending the folkies when he went electric, Neal Young’s records are stylistically unexpected, jumping from genre to genre in constant experimentation, and at the risk of alienating their first wave of fans, the Beastie Boys went from raunchy juvenile delinquents to enlighten social activists, quite an evolution. All these artists took risks, and in most cases, it was successful. Some artistic risks, not so much. Yikes!

Tales of danger, close calls and risky business abound in this months playlist. Johnny Thunders sings the Dee Dee Ramone’s drug anthem Chinese Rocks telling us of the troubles with heroin addiction, Savages warn us not to mess with love in T.I.W.Y.G., James Carr brings us a ballad of a forbidden love affair with the classic The Dark End of The Street, and Bobbie Gentry alerts us of the predatory nature of the Ace Insurance Man. You know, just some light morning themes.

Thanks for listening. If you like these playlists, please share them and give me a holler on twitter @jiquin. Hope to see you next month.

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I love how you put the playlists together. They really are heaps inspiring. Thanks a bunch!

Olivia Davis • April 14, 2016