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April is Risk

As a community of creatives, entrepreneurs, community organizers, and out-of-the-box thinkers, we’re no strangers to taking risks. We tend to be comfortable with (or simply inspired by) taking chances in the face of uncertainty. But what drives these decisions and what’s at stake? What are we gambling with when we take these blind, scary, unpredictable leaps? How do we, as individuals and as communities, tackle the insecurity and instability that come with risk?

The theme of RISK was chosen by our Munich chapter, illustrated by Andreas Preis, and presented in partnership with FreshBooks. In April, 138+ chapters around the world are grappling with these complicated and open-ended questions at breakfast events with speakers including:

  • Kevin Cavenaugh, a designer and urban planner seeking to change his city 3,000 square feet at a time (Portland)
  • Claudia Dalchow, an actress, voice artist, author, and coach who speaks four languages fluently & is currently performing in three of them (Cologne)
  • Matthew Abess, a curator at The Wolfsonian–Florida International University, whose mission is to illustrate the persuasive power of art & design (Miami)
  • Michal Eitan, the head of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design’s Master Program in Industrial Design (Jerusalem, their very first event!)

Find an event near you!

Chapters continue adding events on this page throughout the month, so we recommend you sign up for your city’s local newsletter or follow them on Twitter for event updates and ticket announcements. And be sure to follow the conversation on Twitter and Instagram with #CMrisk and @creativemorning!

Help us celebrate risk-takers! FreshBooks can help freelancers and small business owners mitigate risks by providing business and accounting solutions. And this month, they’re helping us empower and honor risk-taking freelancers with the brand new CreativeMornings & FreshBooks Master Freelancer Award!

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