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DJ Jim Q's Playlist: Education

Education, specifically self-education, is a required element for any artist or creative. I’ve found that great designers tend to have a strong ability and desire to self-educate. They are curious by nature; they have a hunger for knowledge. The drive and passion necessary to figure things out is fundamental to being a successful creative person. Especially with newer mediums, like web and software design, where technologies are constantly changing and your skills must keep pace. Broad styles and techniques are also always evolving and continual education is the only way to stay relevant and marketable.

I was a fine art major in college specializing in oil painting. I had a few graphic design classes, but most of what I learned about graphic/web design was self-taught through, books, trial and error and lots of google searches. That’s not to say formal education isn’t valuable, it certainly is, but simply taking a class won’t make you an expert. It reminds me of this quote, “We love to buy books because we think we are buying the knowledge within them”. I wish I could track down the actual source, but it seems to be a rephrasing of a similar Arthur Schopenhauer quote.

As with designers, musicians are often self-taught, at least that’s been my experience, and even the musicians that received formal training started with self-education and certainly with a passion for learning.

This month’s playlist is a curriculum of songs about seeking, learning and teaching. It seems there are more than a few artists with parables and life lessons to share with us.

See you next time with another theme in another year. If you like this playlist please share it and as always I encourage you to include more on-theme tracks in the comment section below.

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