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DJ Jim Q's Playlist: Chance

Chance is practically the polar opposite of design. Through design, we intentionally control and manicure our creations until we approach the outcome we desire. Chance is the complete absence of a greater design. In almost all art forms, chance, randomness or chaos is used to add character, unpredictability or serendipity to otherwise controlled creations.

In art, chance is an essential ingredient in movements like abstract expressionism and surrealism where randomness and subconscious elements are mixed with controlled methods and craft to produce something unique that couldn’t be created by intentional design. We see this with music in experimental forms like free jazz or noise but also in small ways in more traditional music with things like the feedback generated with electric guitar or ambient sounds in a recording. In most instances these are small permitted deviations from a controlled path. The contrast of controlled and random when mixed together is compelling.

I think we naturally thirst for these organic elements, they seem supernatural or magical because they happen without our intervention and they elevate the creation to someplace beyond our control.

From Biggie’s “One More Chance”One More Chance to Sun Ra’s “Spontaneous Simplicity”Spontaneous Simplicity, this month’s Chance playlist is comprised of songs infused with themes of luck, opportunity, risk, unpredictability and serendipity.

If you enjoy the playlist, please tweet it out. And feel free to leave feedback in the comment section below I would love to hear from you. I’m sure you have a few song suggestions for this month’s theme of chance. See you next month with another playlist.

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