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August 28, 9:00am - 10:00am EDT. Hosted at CMAVL | Zoom

part of a series on Stress

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We’re Celebrating Our 4th Birthday with a CREATIVE Power Hour!

We know that exercising our creative muscles is one of the very best ways to combat stress. So let’s give each other the birthday gift of TIME - together - to tap into our collective creative spirit.

Bring your creative project to work on. We’ll kick things off on Friday morning with some special guests and birthday shenanigans. And then for the remainder of the hour, we’ll play some tunes while you - literally - make something of your time. You’ll be invited to turn your camera off, or leave it on! We’ll each be working on our own creative project, but in virtual community with each other.

And then the very last thing to cap off the morning, you can opt to join a Virtual Coffee Line to share what you’re working on with a small group of other creatives. Show off your creative labor!

If you need some ideas, you could bring:

*Your art journal + favorite drawing implements *That letter you’ve been meaning to write to a friend (or future version of yourself) *Some cardboard and a utility knife; make a robot! *Your latest knitting project *A piece of art to send as a birthday gift or token of gratitude *A poem that’s been floating around in your head and begging to be put on paper *A photo of a loved one: practice your blind contour drawing skills (no peeking at your paper!) *A still life of objects from around the house; refresh your memory of what it’s like to draw what you see (not what you think you see…) *A blueprint for bringing your creative project to life *A work in progress or a new project *One of a million other things!