Yolanda van den Berg - curator dick bruna huis

Hosted at In de Ruimte

part of a series on Minimal

About the speaker

Who has not heard of miffy, or nijntje as we call her in Holland? A creation by Utrecht illustrator, graphic designer and writer Dick Bruna (1927), widely loved from Amsterdam all the way to Tokyo. The miffy picture books are read in countless languages all over the world and miffy herself has grown into an absolute design icon.

Yolanda van den Berg is the curator of the dick bruna huis, located since 2006 in Utrecht. The dick bruna huis displays a permanent representative selection of Dick Bruna’s oeuvre. Yolanda will talk about the work Dick Bruna made during his long career and still makes. She will tell us all about famous miffy and the other characters like poppy pig, boris bear and the little dog snuffy. But also the work he did for “Zwarte Beertjes” paperback and his more abstract work. And Yolanda will talk about the choices she makes as a curator for the dick bruna huis.

miffy image by dick bruna and photo by Official miffy UK (on pinterest)

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