Fear is all about perspective. Are they real or superficial?

In this segment of REALITY, we hear from Will Altman, whom wants to make you think about what really keeps you from accomplishing your goals. While urging you to really think about which of your fears are real and which ones are superficial, he puts himself in a vulnerable position to inspire our audience to conquer their superficial fears, and yours, in order to reach one’s full potential. Listen to naturally humorous occurrences, think about your own crippling fears, and watch as Will guides you through analyzing and putting your own fears into perspective.

Video by: mackilduff.com Photo by: elizabethervin.com

About the speaker

Rancher, Adventurer, Conservationist.

Through his seemingly counterintuitive methods, Will Altman promotes conservation one rack of ribs at a time. He has raised various heritage breeds of livestock and brought them to your table via local farmer’s markets and chefs since starting Altman Ranch (formerly Righteous Ranch) in 2010.

Will’s passion, or obsession rather, lies at the intersection of entrepreneurship and conservation, and his

newest endeavor exemplifies the brand he has created. The Eat Me Project aims to inspire others by funding Heritage livestock projects and promoting the use of heritage and heirloom ingredients.

Disclaimer: Taking advice from unstable farmers can be hazardous to your health.

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