Mike & Megan Gilger from Wild Measure talk about Humility.

Mike & Megan Gilger from Wild Measure talk about Humility.

About the speaker

Mike and Megan Gilger are the husband and wife creative team behind Wild Measure studio and The Fresh Exchange blog.

In 2009, Megan and Mike began their lifestyle and design blog, The Fresh Exchange Today, the blog reaches over a half million people everyday, inspiring creators of all kinds to pursue their dreams and live a beautiful and intentional life. The creative couple works together to create original content through photo, video, editorial writing, aesthetic curation, and social media. With a simple, natural, and organic nature to their content, Megan and Mike have had the opportunity to work with brands such as Smartwater, Bing, Gap, Madewell, Bota Box, Levi’s, Feedly, Kinfolk Magazine, Over, Warby Parker, Tuft & Needle, Shinola, and many others.

After working four years apart—Mike in the agency world and Megan freelancing and blogging—the couple took a chance and worked on a video shoot together in Paris. After their positive collaborative experience, they decided to make the jump to develop their own studio, which brought their dreams and passions together. That is how Wild Measure was born.

Today, Wild Measure is where Mike and Megan bring their hand selected team of creatives and brand strategists together to develop meaningful content and branding for their clients. Their clients are passionate business owners and creatives that want to tell their story through design, lifestyle, and honest moments in the marketplace. Over the years of working together, their clients have been featured in Anthropologie, West Elm, Whole Foods, Food and Wine, Martha Stewart Living, and at the top of the Apple App Store charts.

Their work at Wild Measure has a simple goal: to partner with people willing to push their limits and work from a place of vulnerability and honesty, because that is where great work is made and change happens.

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