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Why do we take risks? Are we looking for a strong feeling or seeking to bring meaning into our existence? Do we want to overcome ourselves, to go beyond the lines that shape us? Or, as many people often think, are we simply being reckless?

“We are not looking for trouble. We are searching.” this is how Viktor Varoshkin and Martin Marovski answer our question about the recklessness. The two alpinists have been climbing together for years and recently completed the first Bulgarian ascent of Cerro Torre (3128) in the Patagonian Andes (part of the expedition Dragon’s Tail, Patagonia 2015-2016). For them risk is justified when it is shared with at least one set of eyes, who have also seen and felt the experience at all its levels. What most of us consider to be a risk, for Viktor and Martin is a matter of personal development, of building upon their skills, personality and experience.

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