Vasilis van Gemert talks about the freedom the web gives us to create

In his talk, Vasilis van Gemert, shows us that the web is a great tool to create. It not only enables us to do stuff that’s hard in real life, it also enables us to easily share our creations with others and makes it easy for them to contribute or extend our creations. Vasilis put up a transcript of this talk on his website

About the speaker

“The web has given us many new forms of freedom. Freedom to share our knowledge easily. Freedom to distribute our stuff with anybody who wants it. Freedom to communicate with people we’d never be able to meet without it.

There are many people who can give great talks about all these very important forms of freedom. But instead of asking them, the organisers of CreativeMornings asked me to talk about the material the web is made from. And about the unique kinds of freedom this beautiful material gives us. And about the wonderful things we can make with it.”

Vasilis van Gemert works as a lecturer at the University of Applied Science in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He’s a board member of Fronteers, the non-profit trade organization of Dutch front-end developers where his main concerns are education and contact with other disciplines. He writes about the Web, about web design and about web development on this blog, on Smashing Magazine and in the paper edition of the Dutch Web Designer Magazine. With Peet Sneekes he hosts a regular video podcast about the web, design and content, called De Wasstraat. He writes about nonsense on his slightly neglected blog Love Nonsense. Vasilis created nothing and blobs and he’s proud of it.

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